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From: Moore
Subject: Gay Chat - Part 2GAY CHAT
BY MOOREPART 2[Welcome to Gay Chat, the call-in program for alternative
lifestyles. I'm John, your host. You all know the rules,
people, first names only. We ended last night with an
unfortunate call from Tim in Wisconsin, a homophobic
moron, and I petite blonde 06 wrangler jeans 35x32
want to remind all the other homophobes out
there in radio land that homosexuality and lesbianism is
a personal lifestyle, not a disease to be feared. Oral
and anal sexual activity among consenting adult men and
consenting minor boys, as many have argued, does no harm
to anyone. As one listener recently emailed:'Dear John, I am a freshman in high school and I have
been happily sucking cocks since I'm ten years old. My
classmates all know I'm a faggot, but they treat me okay
when I blow them because cocksuckers are people too.'Our first caller is Harry from New York City. You're on
the air, Harry.]Thanks for taking my call.[What's on your mind, Harry?]My twin sons, Frank and Tony. They're fourteen years old
and well, damnit, I think they're homosexuals.[What makes you think so?]I saw them doing it.[Doing what?]Sucking dick, each others cocks. I came home early from
work, their bedroom door was wide open. My boys were
friggin naked, on top of each other in bed...a sixty-nine
I think you call it, moaning and groaning like the cheap
whores I used in Nam.[Twins frequently experiment sexually with each other. It
doesn't necessarily mean that they're gay.]Frank called his brother a cocksucking faggot and Tony
called Frank a faggot cocksucker...and then they laughed
out loud like being queer for dick was a joke. When I was
a young kid growing up in the Bronx 1986 trans am specs faggots were scum, we
called them all queers and treated mini skirt gallery 1 them like dirt. I'm
not proud to say it, but damn, I don't want no faggots
for sons.[Still not conclusive evidence about their sexual
orientation.]What if I saw them giving blow jobs to other boys?[Well, that's a different matter. Did you?]Hell, yeah, I did.[Where?]In our garage. Tony and Frank were buck naked, on their
knees no less, and suckin away like...like...well, like
goddamn cocksuckers. Six boys from the neighborhood were
there, including two black boys, and each boy got a blow
job from one of my sons. I watched in disgust and heard
the laughter...saw the sperm in Frank and Tony's mouths
before they swallowed and on their smiling faces. Oh,
yeah, my boys are faggot cocksuckers alright, fuckin
homosexuals. I don't want no queers for sons. What can I
do?[Not much I'm afraid, except be flashing lights remix mp3 supportive. Homosexuals
are born, not made. Like I quoted from the email at the
outset of the program, cocksuckers are people too.]Well, thanks anyway adult 3-d dvds for listening.[Peter from Miami is on the line.]That last call from Harry, if he's still listening, I'd
like to buy his gay sons and have them work for me on my
private island. I'll pay good 9 inche dick money for his twin pair of
cocksuckers and introduce them to some nice 16 yr porno men who will
appreciate D0G SEX PORN TUBE what they are.[By nice men you mean boy lovers?]You bet, John. My clients are mature men, homosexuals,
who find young boys sexy and irresistible. Tony and Frank
will be well taken care of with plenty of dick to suck.[I doubt that Harry would sell his sons even if it were
legal.]Don't be so sure about that. I've bought more than fifty
young boys from their unhappy parents. All fags mind you
and all quite happy to enjoy the sexual activities at my
island resort. My clients are decent men, wealthy; older
men who appreciate the awesome wonders of a young boy's
body.[Sounds to me like a gay nudist colony.]The boys are naked of course, why hide their lovely young
pricks and little asses from admiring eyes and wandering
hands. A naked boy with a man's cock in his mouth or in
his boy pussy...the pleasure on his face as he happily
serves the cock that he craves...Tony and Frank will be
better off with me.[Our next caller is Paul from New Jersey. What's on your
mind, Paul?]I had 16yo girl pics
sex for the first time last month and my first
three way last week. Angela, my girl friend, wants to do
it again tonight.[Was it mini skirt gallery 1
pleasurable last week?]It was the great, Angela and Gracie taking turns sucking
on my dick. I fucked'em both and then they went down on
each other. Watching the girls eat pussy, slurping up my
cum was hot stuff.[You want to do it again?]Yeah, sure, with two girls and me. Only this time Angela
wants to bring Simon, another boy from school into bed
with us. And she wants to watch us have oral sex after we
both fuck her. If I don't agree to a three way with Simon
she says she'll dump me. Angela's a great cocksucker and
one helluva fuck. I don't want to lose her, 7 up cummin but I don't
know if I can go down on a boy to keep her.[You won't know until you try. The doubts you're having
are all in your mind.]The idea of sucking a dick is making me crazy. And what
if Simon cums in my mouth? I could turn into a fag like
the boy at camp last summer. One blow job, one taste of
cum and he ended up blowing every counselor at camp. What
if I suck Simon's cock and that happens to me?[That's not likely to happen, Paul. Are you still there
Paul? Paul? I guess we lost our misguided caller.][We have time for just one more call. Henry from Tulsa,
Oklahoma, you're on the air.]Great program, John, but I have to disagree with your
comment about sex 3gp mother Paul. He's not wrong to be concerned and
he's not misguided. One blow job could turn a boy gay. sex 3gp mother I
know it for a fact, believe me, because it happened to
me.[What happened?]I became a cocksucker, a slave to cock and cum. And it
all started with one blow job nine years ago when I was
fifteen. I never had a single gay thought or experience
until a close friend suggested we try it. He blew me
first, tentatively, and then it was my turn. His dick in
my mouth felt so darn good, so perfectly natural and so
sexually stimulating that I got a a huslers wife 3 hardon immediately
without even touching my cock. I sucked my friend's cock
until he climaxed in my mouth.[Why didn't you pull away?]I suppose I could have, but I didn't. And then, to his
amazement and mine, I swallowed his sperm. One innocent
blow job and one taste of sweet semen turned my life
upside down. From hetero to homo, from a normal straight
boy to a submissive queer who lives to suck dick. I am a
slave to cock, John, grateful to the hundreds of men 8x10 logo rileys
have used my faggot mouth for their sexual pleasure.[Thank you for sharing your remarkable story, Henry, and
thanks to all you listeners out there.]
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